Thursday, August 21, 2014

Christmas Trees?

Can you believe that a majority of schools start back next Monday?! I cannot believe that summer is already coming to a close! It went by way too fast.

If you read our previous posts you would know that we support J.R.M.F., as summer comes to a close the next time to support J.R.M.F. will be in November when we will be selling Christmas trees! What did you say? I'm jumping the gun a little too soon? Okay, well just keep that in mind because Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and then comes Christmas tree season!

OK now onto some featured customers!

Below are a couple pictures of the custom cabinet that was built from our reclaimed lumber. It is almost 8' tall. It is built as a base & top due to the clients need to gain extra interior storage on one side, and separate panes of glass. Isn't it beautiful?

 Next, is a picture of our Weatherboard flooring in a costumer's living room. I could definitely live in such a cozy place!

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