Tuesday, September 2, 2014

3 Order Update!

Hello Readers!

Today we have a quick update on three different orders that are in progress. 

Today we are working on edging Weatherboard for order #9514. The board below was edged at 9 3/4" and will finish out as a 9" wide board once ran through the moulder.

Entering the edger

Coming out of the edger

New edges!
The end of last week and early this week we have been sawing Heart Pine for order #9480. This order is for all 3 1/4" wide boards. This particular Heart Pine came from a building in Ephrata, PA.

Heart Pine being sawed

Sawed planks
The 465 narrow Oak portion for order #9509 is complete. If everything goes as planned we will be making the 150 lineal feet of trim by the end of the week.

Finished flooring!

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