Thursday, September 18, 2014

Quick Order Update

I have a few updates and a lot of photos to share with you today...

First, order #9510 for 250 feet of White Pine flooring was completed today.

Also, you may remember a few weeks ago I shared about how we have a customer who is redoing a home and had to cut down trees. (This post was on our old blog server and is therefore lost.) The customer believed that those tree held significant importance to the rest of the house, so they asked us to saw the tree up and do what we could with them.

Well, we just finished making flooring out of two of the trees. We think it turned out pretty well. How special will this flooring be in their home!?

They also asked us to make a few 2" planks for benches and tabletops. 

How cool?!

That's all folks!

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