Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TA DA!!!

Our sign is officially up and looking good!

We are really proud of how it turned out! Tyler made the letters, and Dean and him hung them. We are just putting the finishing touches on by adding lights to the sign today. We are also going to be concentrating on cleaning and organizing that part of the business this week. We are really excited about it and will be sharing pictures from the inside as things start to come together. Please share the word about our new and improved antique aspect of our company! It is the perfect pit-stop for your Lititz (AKA the coolest small town in America) visit!

Last week, we also had a customer share some pictures from their job site with us, to share with you. 

Laying the floor

Beautiful finished flooring!

They also took pictures of the products they used to finished the floor.

The flooring looks beautiful and fits nicely with the preexisting flooring. Thanks for sharing! Remember we love to see pictures from customer's projects.

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