Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving and (FREE) Exciting News!

What are you thankful for?

Dean Brandt
Son of Sylvan
 Owner and World's Best Dad
I am grateful for Tyler, God's orchestration of life, and turkey!

Dorene Brandt
Dean's Wife
Local Delivery Expert and Maker of the Greatest Cookies
I am thankful for family, grandchildren and their kisses, Jesus, my church, and my husband.

Genna Antes (also known as June) 
Daughter of Dean and Dorene
 Office Worker, Handler of all things money
I am thankful for my faith, family, field hockey, and Chick Fil a.

Kaddie Hollinger
Daughter of Dean and Dorene
(Learning) Office Worker and writer of this blog and our newsletter 
I am thankful for our family business where I can bring my babe to work with me and spend time with my family and my new bed room set that my husband made for my birthday out of our Weatherboard :)

Tyler Hollinger
Dean's Son-in-Law and Kaddie's Husband
Flooring Production Technician
I am thankful for family, God's control in our lives and busniess, my church, the ability to bless others with our blessings, and brownies.

Jordan Slagle
Family Friend
Metal Extraction Specialist 
I am thankful for my job, the grace God gives me to wake up every morning, friends and family, a roof over my head, and music.

Titus Antes
Son of Genna Antes
Board Pusher, Skid Loader Helper, Lawn Mower Assistant
I am thankful for dada, Christmas, and my baby Anja. 

What are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments! 

We are so thankful for family. We are also thankful for you and family! To thank you we would like to offer you and your family a surprise! On December 6th we will be offering free family photos from 10am-2pm! In addition to our Christmas tree sales that day, you may also get a few family pictures. Now you probably have some questions...

What do I have to do to get a pictures taken?
You don't have to do anything other than show up! No purchase is needed.
No offense, but you are a flooring company. Can you really take a quality photo?
No offense taken! As you can probably tell from our blog we are not the greatest photographers. We want you to have a good photo so Sarah Gehman from Sarah Gehman Photography will be taking the pictures! Check out her photos here!

Can I still buy a tree?
Yes! Please come and buy a tree! We will be selling them starting Friday November 28 until we ran out. To read more about our Christmas trees and why we sell them read this post.

Can I give money towards JRMF without buying a tree?
Yes! You can feel free to give at any time. However, on December 5th there will be a donation box where you can give.
What hours will you be open?
We will be selling Christmas trees from 8am-4pm on Saturday. Pictures will be available from 10am-2pm.  
Where are you located at?
756 Rothsville Road, Lititz, PA 17543. Make sure that you come to our business. There are Christmas trees for sale very close to us, but they are not part of what we are doing.
What if I have other questions?
Please ask! Call, e-mail, yell really loud (except I can't promise we will hear it).

Make sure to mark your calendars! We hope to see you December 6th!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Weeks to Go

It's that time of year again! 5 weeks to go until Christmas. Yup, you read that right. One hand worth of weeks. Oh goodness!

 I know you have heard me talk about it a few times now, but... Christmas tree sales will begin next week!

Starting next Friday (Black Friday - November 28th) we will be selling Christmas trees to help raise money to help send children to church camps.

We will be open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm, Fridays 8am-8pm, and Saturdays 8am-4pm.
  In addition to a beautiful array of different types of trees, we will also have free refreshments. Purchasing your Christmas tree for a good cause AND free refreshments?! It doesn't get much better than that!

Our worker said it best last year,
"As I grow older I seem to lose my excitement about Christmas, for I feel as though the true meaning has been lost in the selfishness of our desire for material, temporary objects. When really the meaning of Christmas is found in baby who was born in a cave, who came to give and not to take. This Christmas I feel extremely blessed to be a part of a company who recognizes this truth. Even though times are very hard for our company, my father-in-law and company owner has decided to sell Christmas trees, not to raise profit for our own company, but to raise money for those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend a church camp and learn about the true meaning of Christmas and our lives. If you're part of a family who typically sets up a real tree for Christmas, we would be honored if you would purchase a tree from our miniature tree farm which is raising money for the Jack Reich Memorial Fund, which provides underprivileged children the opportunity to attend church camp. Trees range in price from $50-$60."

In addition to Christmas tree sales starting next week, we are also having a sale during the duration of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday (November 28-December 1). 

Place an order on one of those days with a 50% deposit and receive 10% off your total order up to $1,000. 

And while we are skipping Thanksgiving and going right onto Christmas, we might as well start talking about presents. From now until Christmas we will be featuring different Christmas gift ideas here on our blog from small to large gifts. 

Today we have a pack of 230 square feet of Oak flooring as well as a piece of home decor.

Do you have that one room in the house that you still haven't touched? You know that one room where you just sort of ignore the ugliness of? I know I sure do. Our bathroom could probably pass as a horror movie set. This pack of Oak flooring would be the perfect gift to yourself or spouse. Redo that one room with this gorgeous floor. Need more? No problem we will make you more. Need less? Also, not a problem. Call us today to chat about the options. 

Another great gift idea would be our Mason Jar Decor. 

This gift is so cute and versatile. We have one in our office that we use to hold silverware, but you could also use it to plant herbs or flowers in. There really are many options.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Help! We Need Somebody!

Hello all! We are making a lot of progress on our antique loft! I know I have said this before, but it is really coming together! We will let the pictures do the talking...

The window wall


Can anyone name this tool?

Isn't this so cool?!

Since we are adding an antique loft to our business, we are also making new signs to advertise for it! The only problem is, we can't decide which sign we like more. Which is sort of silly since they are very similar. So reader, we need your help... which sign do you like more?!

Ombre Sign

All White Sign

Please comment below telling us which one you like more! You can use the name used in the caption at the bottom of each sign to clarify.

We would also like to share with you a customer project. 

These customers used a vintage cabinet that they bought from us, as well as left over Oak flooring (that you can also see on the floor) and turned them into this beautiful vanity. Beautiful work! 

If you are anything like me and do all your Christmas shopping the month beforehand, you are not going to want to miss our post on Thursday! Don't miss out!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Order Update: November 13

Hello blog reading world. I will apologize in advance for the lack of entertainment in this blog post. Don't give up on me though. I promise future ones will be better.

Today we have been working on 2 different orders. 

Order #9352 for Weatherboard went in the drying room today.

We have also been working on order #9519. We have talked about this order a few times on this blog. The flooring is being made out of trees that hold significance to the house in which they will be laid. All the flooring is almost complete!

Sawn wood

2.5 inch finished flooring

Well, that's all folks!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Tut-tut, it looks like rain"

How are you doing on this very dreary day? However you're doing, I hope that you don't let the wet and cold bog you down.

Since we all are probably spending the majority of our time indoors today (at least those readers who are local), I thought I would share with you a recent customer project. I know it is just a small corner of their home, but I know I wouldn't mind spending sometime sitting there. 

Not only is the bar gorgeous, but I just adore that wall. It is made out of old skids. It is so creative and unique!

Now for an order update... Today we have been working on finishing order #9584 for 970 square feet of our narrow Oak flooring. If all goes as planned, the order will be half way done by the end of the day, and completely done by early next week.

 And one last tid-bit of info...
We would like to inform you that we will be closed on Monday, November 10 from 8am-12 noon. A very good family friend of ours passed away. We will be celebrating his life during that morning. We are sorry if this is an inconvenience to you in any way.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November News!

Hello All!

Welcome to the greatest month of the year! The month of raking too many leaves, eating too much food, spending too much money, celebrating lots of birthdays, and giving thanks for all of it and more.

I know November just started, but let's be honest, we spend the whole first half of the month planning for the second half - especially in our family. We have two birthdays right before (the greatest holiday) Thanksgiving. We have a lot going on this month and would like to fill you all in!

First off, you probably may have guessed, but just to make sure, we will be closed on Thursday, November 27. We will be far to busy making enough food to feed a few families for the rest of the week, along with consuming too much of said food, followed by laying on the couch and repeatedly asking ourselves why we ate so much while watching people run around with an awkward shaped ball - like I said the greatest holiday of them all. But in all seriousness, I love thanksgiving because we are much more happy when we realize what we have and are thankful for everything. Thanksgiving forces us to do just that - stop and be thankful.

Secondly, Christmas trees will be for sale starting Friday, November 28th! 

I find it very ironic that only a few hours after giving thanks for everything we are blessed with, we go out and buy more things. Black Friday is one of the largest shopping days of the year. It is also a day when a lot of people start thinking about Christmas and buying their Christmas trees. What great way to spend money than buying a Christmas tree that gives back to children. All our profits from our Christmas trees goes towards helping to send children to church camp who would otherwise not be able to go. 

We will have a variety of different types of trees as well as sizes and prices. We also will have free refreshments and snacks! We will have trees for sale until we are all sold out or until right before Christmas, whichever comes first. 

Next up... Small Business Saturday!

We really appreciate you! It is your business that allows our family to work together and we greatly appreciate that. To show our appreciation we will be running a sale during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday (November 28- December 1). Place an order on one of those days with a 50% deposit and receive 10% off your total order up to $1,000.

And finally, this month we have redone our monthly newsletter. Follow this link to sign up to receive our newsletter. In it you will be able to find Sylvan Brandt news, items on sale, featured antiques, as well as view where our flooring is going! Some sales are exclusive to the newsletter - you don't want to miss out!

So there you have it! If anything else pops up throughout the month you will be first to know! Happy Month of Thanks to all!

Thank you for reading this blog!