Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just A Little Update

Hey all!

Don't worry Tyler will be back with more DIY posts throughout the month. But for now... I leave you with a little "what's up update."

We have been sawing Fir for order #9676. 

This week Tyler has also been finishing the table tops for Zig's. They are turning out beautiful!

And lastly (I told you it was a little update), you may not know this, but Dean has a dream of putting a small cafe in our office. We have slowly been working on it the past two years. This past week we finally bought a sink for the cafe so Tyler has been building a counter-top for it.

Check back for more DIY. I believe these table tops are up next!

Also, March 2nd is coming quickly! Don't miss out! 
Don't know what I mean? Check out this link.

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