Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sorry it has been quiet...

Don't worry though. We haven't gone anywhere. 

Today we have just a few updates for you!

Our metal extraction technician is hard at work cleaning these white oak beams from a local barn that burned down. Fortunately, the majority of the beams were only charred and are still solid so we were able to save them from becoming firewood. That's what we're here for :-)

 We cut these three beams in half using our walk-behind bandsaw for a local contractor. The will be used on a ceiling. Have trees or beams you would like cut? Bring them over!

We've finished sawing Heart Pine for order #9772. Just two more weeks and your floor will be ready! Anticipation!!!!!! ;-)

1 of 3 large 4'x8' barn doors being made for order #9762. Planed side is the back, rough side is the front. The process has just begun by cutting and gluing up the boards. They are ready to be sanded and have the border added and an X on the front.

That is all for today! Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of Spring!

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