Tuesday, November 24, 2015

One Stop Holiday Shop!

The holiday season is upon us and starting this weekend things are officially full flung Christmas (although I know some of you already have Christmas decorations up!) Starting this Friday, we will be selling Christmas Trees to benefit JRMF. All profit goes to help send children to church camp. We will be offering a variety of trees. All the trees are freshly cut and come with a hole already drilled in the bottom. We also sell tree stands if you are in need of a new one! This Friday we will be open until 6:00 p.m.!

The holiday season is all about giving. Why not give a gift that helps benefit others? In our gift shop we have many great items for sale that benefit great organizations that are making big changes! 

One company is Mercy House. Through their Fair Trade items, we are able to sell great items that help benefit mothers and women from all over the world. Each item is handcrafted by these ladies and their name and location is attached to each item. Learn more about this organization here

This Christmas give gifts that promote global change!

Another great company that we support in our gift shop is Mothco. Below is a short description about this awesome company started by high-schoolers! Learn more about them here.

In addition to the shops mentioned above, we also sell beautiful pieces of woodwork that are all done by a good friend of ours. These pieces are all hand crafted and unique. They would make great Christmas presents!

Come stop by our gift shop as you shop and prepare for Christmas this year! We also offer many other gifts in addition to what is mentioned. 

This year for Christmas, buy gifts (and trees!) that give back! Double the amount of giving - it doesn't get better than that!


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